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Bingo USA Variations

Learn about the many different variations of Bingo that are widely played across the USA.

U-Pick'Em Bingo

A very widespread version of bingo where players are allowed to mark the numbers on their card that they want to monitor for a possible win. Although closely resembling Keno, it is recognized as a bingo variant and is allowed to operate in almost all jurisdictions of the USA.


Shotgun Bingo

Also known as Turbo Bingo, Quickie Bingo or a number of other similar names. It is often played in between standard games with the cards sold separately from the main event purchase. Players usually play one or two cards, with the numbers called as fast as the bingo balls pop out of the draw machine.


Quick Shot Bingo

In Quick Shot bingo, players buy sealed bingo cards which are matched against a set of pre-drawn numbers. If a player matches a specified pattern on their card then he wins a prize according to a given prize table. In some versions players play for a top level prize and then a new set of numbers are drawn and the game starts anew. It may be played over a period of days, weeks or even months depending on how difficult it is to achieve a top level prize


Bonanza Bingo

In this game the operator typically pre-draws 43 to 48 numbers at the start of a game. The pre-drawn numbers may be odd, even or the first 43 numbers that the draw machine selects. Players buy cards and mark off all odd, even or pre-drawn numbers. At a specified time, the bingo caller asks if anyone has a bingo. If no one claims it, the caller then draws one number at a time until someone claims the game by shouting "bingo!". This game may be played as a "progressive" game, in which the jackpot prize is increased if no one claims bingo before the specified number of numbers are called. If nobody has has won with a bingo before the desired ball number count then another game is played again as another session where the desired ball count is increased by one and with an increased jackpot. The player who hits bingo after the desired ball count wins a consolation prize, not the jackpot. A player does win with a bingo with the rightt amount of numbers then they claim the jackpot prize as the winner. Then the ball count goes back to 43 balls with the ball count increased by 1 until another jackpot is won.


Horse Racing Bingo

This is a very fast-paced exciting form of the game usually played in fraternal organisations or clubs. Up to 15 players are given a number from 1 to 15 corresponding with the top row of a Bingo game flashboard. Numbers are then drawn until the first player to have drawn all 5 numbers  in their column is declared the winner.


Facebook Bingo

Facebook Bingo differs from the traditional online or club based bingo games commonly played.  In most games players are awaeded "power-ups" features which will give an individual player an advantage on winning. Players may also collect, share and buy virtual items with other friends on the Facebook website, which adds to the community experience missing from other forms of bingo.


Death Bingo

A variation where a player who gets a bingo is eliminated from the game and the overall winner is the last player left.


Table Bingo

Since the expansion of Native American gaming in the USA, many new versions of bingo have been developed emulating the fast action of casino-like table games but use the principals of bingo where players mark and monitor grid cards. Roulette and The Big Wheel have been used to develop bingo variations.


Electronic Bingo

Computer technology has led to the development of games that blur the lines between old-fashioned slot machines and bingo slot machines. Known as Class II machines, they allow players to play each other and not just the House, like Class III machines.









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