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If you want a cheap way for the chance to win a prize and maybe help a given good cause, then playing a simple Raffle game may be for you.

Raffes are gambling games where players obtain differently numbered tickets, with each ticket having a random chance to win the holder a prize. A draw is held at a given time in which matching tickets are drawn from a container holding all the copies of every ticket. The drawn tickets will have a number of predetermined corresponding prizes, and the players holding the matching tickets are given the prizes as winners. A Raffle has to be one of the simplest gambling games of chance around, with the chances of winning chosen completely random. It really is luck of the draw.

Raffles are popularly played all around the world and are often held as a fundraiser for specific charities, clubs, organisations or events. Their popularity lies in the fact that people are often more willing to give money to organisations if there is the possibility of winning a prize. which means the organisers make make more than from simple donations.


How To Play

Simply buy any number of tickets from the Raffle organisers or their representatives and see if your numbered ticket is drawn on the given date. A number of prizes are usually offered, with the first ticket drawn for the first prize and then being discarded, and then with the subsequent tickets drawn in the same manner, with corresponding prizes of lesser value, until all the prizes are won.

Tickets are often offered in bulk deals, with the price increasing but cheaper per ticket with the more you buy, $1 for one ticket and $2.50 for three tickets, for example. This gives a player more chances, but the operator has a fixed cost for prizes and the cost to them for the extra tickets is negligible, so increasing the operator's profit.


Raffles Around The World

In the UK, Raffles are sometimes used to get around alcohol licensing laws, because only premises that are licensed (like pubs and restaurants) are able to sell alcoholic drinks, there are no legal restrictions on giving alcohol away as a prize, so wine, beer and spirits may be used as prizes in a Raffle. Tickets are often drawn from a Tombola drum, and a raffle drawn this way may be called a "Tombola", often used at church and village fetes. Tombola was the original term used for a Southern Italian Raffle, often held at Christmas, usually with prizes of only symbolic value.

Example of a Tombola Drum

In New Zealand and Australia, trays, packs or joints of meat (or seafood) are often used as Raffle prizes in pubs and licensed clubs. This is also the case in parts of the USA, like Rhode Island and Minnesota. Sometimes known as "Meat Raffles".


Private and Cash Raffles

Sometimes large value items, like property, cars, race horses, may be disposed of by a Raffle. Obviously a large number of tickets must be sold to recoup the cost of the prize, and they are not legal everywhere. Works of art, sometimes produced by well-known artists, may also be disposed of via a Raffle and are sometimes known as an "Art Union".

Cash may also be offered as a prize, where the cash amount is a fraction of the total raised by ticket sales. These are sometimes known as 50/50 draws even though the cash prize may not be fifty percent of the total raised.






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