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Learn all you need to know about one of the newest forms of luck-of-the-draw gaming, the common Scratchcard.

Scratchards, (also known as scratch-offs, scratch tickets, scratchies, scratchers, scratch-it, instant lottery game, or scratch-and-win), are quick and easy to play and can offer small and large prizes. Many retail outlets sell them from the counter and most winnings are paid out immediately, on the spot. A scratchcard is simply a small (usually) paper-card with a top layer you scratch off with a coin or your fingernail to reveal symbols/prizes or some other game information. There are many different scratchcards available and they often have different gameplay, like matching three matching cash amounts or matching a given symbol to another prize, so read the simple instructions printed on the front to make sure you know how to play the particular game rules of your specific scratchcard so you know when you've won. 


The small print on the back of a scratchcard will state the odds, 1:3, or 1:4.5, or 1:20 for example. 1:3 means one out of every three scratchcards will be a winner. and 1:20 means one out of twenty scratchards will payout. The odds of winning are quite good but often you will only win a small prize which may only be equal in value to what you paid for the scratchcard in the first place. Winning the big prizes is much more unlikely.

Retailers get their supply of scratchcards in batches made up of many scratchards joined together by perforations and each batch will have a set number of winning tickets included in it. However, the winning tickets will be distributed at random so buying bulk tickets (say four at a time) instead of single tickets at different times doesn't increase your chances of winning. There may be three winning tickets in a row or three losing tickets in a row. It is a common misconception among gamblers that this isn't so.

Many scratchcard operators will publish online the number of winning prizes claimed for their different types of scratchcard and if you know all the top prizes have already been won then playing may be less attractive to you.

You can ask your local retailer to check the scratchcard for you so you can make sure you haven't won or missed a winning ticket by mistake. You may also ask your scratchcard retailer how many previously sold cards have won and if it is a low number then your odds of winning may be higher.

Scratchcards vary in price and some are more expensive than others. The more expensive cards offer bigger prizes but you will be risking more money when you buy them so it doesn't necessarily mean your odds are better.







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