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Fake Scratchcards

There are fake Scratchcards available for sale on places like Amazon and e-Bay. They are advertised as "jokes" but some may see them more as a very cruel prank.

If you are given a scratchcard by someone you know and find that it is a winning ticket offering hundreds of thousands then don't get too excited, it is probably a cruel joke. There are many different fake cards that can be purchased very cheaply then used as a joke to be played on an unsuspecting victim. They will look very authentic but they are still fake and won't have the valid security details needed to claim a prize from the legitimate operator. Whether everyone will see the funny side of a prank like this is debateable and it could be considered a very cruel prank to play on someone, so think twice about buying them.

Remember, if something seems too good to be true then it certainly is.  Don't be fooled by these pranksters who may be out to have a laugh at your expense. Always make sure you get your scratchcards from a reputable supplier.





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